No longer will anyone be able to see those ugly black lines under old crowns. We only use all ceramic white crowns without metal for front teeth. We make veneers and crowns to look natural. We make them look great on you with a younger whiter smile.









One of the most frustrating nighttime sounds for bed partners is snoring. We can help with a simple device worn at time to lessen the sound of snoring. You may also have sleep apnea which is a medical concern and our office can direct you into the proper direction for treatment.


There are many devices on the market and the ones our office prefers are appliances that have proven longitudinal studies to back their efficiency. Dr. Monaghan has taken years of additional training from the maker of the clearway appliance at UBC. He has been doing these appliances for 10 years now. Ask our office if we can help you or give you more information on this subject.








Nobody wants a root canal. It used to be a painful procedure and dreaded of all dental visits. Our office understands the anxiety and we are proud to provide the best techniques and materials to make the visit comfortable.


Some people think we take the root out of the tooth. Not so…we simply clean and fill the small canals inside the root, leaving the complete exterior of the tooth exactly the same. Because it is a long time in the chair the worst part of the appointment is waking the patient up and telling them it is done.








An excellent alternative to bridgework  are implants. You do not have to cut down adjacent teeth to pegs and implants look just like natural teeth.

Implants are easier than people think to place. There is no need for  hospital stays and most procedures can be done in the dental chair with only local freezing. The procedure is to place a titanium post in you jaw bone where you are missing a tooth. We leave that post for several months to heal and  become part of your body. Do not worry, it will not set off any airport alarms! After integration we can then put a crown on the post  and you will once again a have tooth in that missing area. Implants have higher than 95% success rate and can last for over 75 years.








Botox is something our office has been doing for the past 4 years. Great results and very natural. We do not want you to not have any expression. All we strive for is an even smooth skin without those lines!


Some people think it is strange that our office is doing botox for patients however we are quite proud of our results. We feel very comfortable giving injections and provide painless procedures. As shown in the video botox can be adminitered in minutes with results lasting up to six months.








We offer dentistry for all ages and the best time to see us is with your baby teeth. That is the most important visit as it can determine your prospective on dental visits for the rest of your life. If your child has not been in yet for their teeth now is the time. We want him or her to truly enjoy that first visit.


We will assess your child’s mouth and teeth, making sure everything is healthy. We start the child on a regime of regular visits usually six months for cleanings and recare exams by the dentist. We do not start taking xrays until they are about six years old unless there is a concern with a certain tooth prior to that age.









Dentures are not often done in our office because we try to keep teeth as healthy as possible. However sometimes it may have been the only choice for you and we understand.

We have expert staff  ready to make beautiful dentures for you. We use youthful, white and natural looking teeth in all our dentures. Come in for an assessment of your existing dentures and we can give you some options to suite your needs.

There are also options you may not have been presented to you before that will give you pleasure back into eating. For example we can tighten your denture fit using implants. We can also  cut out the upper palate acrylic by using implants to support the denture.








We try to provide any type of dental work to get you out of pain. We have seen all types of painful teeth and with our 20 years of experience we will once again get you back feeling comfortable. Do not feel embarrassed that you have not seen a dentist for awhile and soon you will feel confident with your smile.

Most times on your first visit we will try to assess what is going on in your mouth. If necessary we may need to do something that appointment to reduce pain. However most times after an accurate diagnosis we can book you back for the appropriate time to fully repair that tooth. Usually an x-ray will be needed to fully see all the tooth from the biting surface to the bottom or apex of the tooth.








Everyone wants whiter teeth. We have tried all brands of whitening in the past 20 years and come to the conclusion there are two types of bleaching techniques which work and are safe for the teeth. We recommend the Zoom procedure. Simple one appointment with immediate results. Excellent for people on the go and want fast results. The other way of whitening we recommend are custom made trays made by us and you take them home to apply to your teeth for about half an hour each night for a week.

Contrary to what people may think bleaching teeth in a controlled environment will not weaken your enamel. The percentage of bleach solution is strong enough to whiten and not damage your teeth. Studies have found the results of whitening can last many years. We provide you with custom trays to use at home to freshen your smile for your lifetime.








We try to make all tooth extractions as painless as possible. You may have wisdom teeth that need to be removed. We can provide you with an oral sedative prior to the appointment if you are anxious.

You might have a tooth that you think needs to be pulled because it is very sore. We will help you decide  what is the best way to get you out of pain. There may be ways to keep that tooth and we can give you estimates for all treatment options.

People think they will eventually need dentures as they get old. Not true! We will provide you with a recare program so we can always monitor your teeth and gums. The best way to keep your teeth is catching things before the tooth starts to ache.









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