Protect Your Child’s Oral Health With Children’s Care

At Fifth Avenue Dental Centre in Vancouver, we love kids! We’re pleased to provide a full range of personalized services for children of all ages. Children's dental care is crucial to maintaining your child's overall health and should not be neglected.

What does children's care involve?

Children’s care includes regular visits to our dentist for cleanings, exams, sealants, and fluoride treatments. We also offer preventative care advice along with a prompt diagnosis of any potential issues that may arise. Our professional team is skilled in treating children of all ages, from infants to teenagers and all kids in between.

What benefits does children's care offer?

At Fifth Avenue Dental Centre, we take a gentle and caring approach to pediatric dental care. Our team understands the needs and anxieties that little ones can feel during a visit to the dentist, so we strive to ensure your child's experience is as pleasant as possible. We do our best to put children at ease, so our young patients can feel comfortable in the dental chair. Children's preventative dental care helps reduce the likelihood of problems developing later in life while providing essential advice on keeping teeth healthy. Regular dentist visits also help build healthy oral hygiene habits that can serve them for life.

Who should consider children's care services?

We recommend that every parent, guardian, and caregiver should have their child attend regular appointments with our dentist, starting as soon as the first baby teeth erupt. Our team can advise how to care for your child's teeth and mouth as they grow, ensuring their continued health and well-being.

Contact Fifth Avenue Dental Centre today to learn more about our quality children's care services. We look forward to helping your youngest family members achieve optimal oral health habits that can last a lifetime!

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  • Prevent tooth decay and infections from developing
  • Keep your children's teeth white and vibrant
  • Fortify your children’s teeth
  • Diagnose potential issues in their earliest stages
  • Instill good oral hygiene habits at an early age!

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